How to Check the Validity of your Credit Card?

These days I’ve been pretty fascinated with credit cards and the basic idea of how banking works.

In one of the recent articles that read on Credit Card Validation, I came across what is called the Luhn’s Algorithm.This algorithm is used to validate numbers that signify a unique identity like the ones used in Credit Cards. Luhn’s algorithm consists of a term called Luhn’s check or more commonly known as Mod 10 check that is the key method of validating numbers of this nature.

Here is an image depicting how Luhn’s Algorithm works:


Here are 3 Quick Steps on How we can apply Luhn’s check to validate our CC numbers:

1. For cards with even numbers, the double alternating digits start with the first digit in the sequence whereas in the case of cards with odd numbers the double alternating digits start with the second digit. In case the doubling results in two digits, we add them both to get a single digit number.

2. Now replace the numbers your doubled with the new number that you got i.e. either the doubled number or the number you got back after adding the two numbers together. Once that’s done, add all the numbers together.

3. Check to see if the number ends with a zero i.e. if it’s divisible by 10.

If the final number you get isn’t divisible by 10 then it is not a valid number.

This check can be applied to validate a large stream of Unique identification numbers apart from credit card numbers.

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