What is Cloud hosting and Why should you use it?

Gone are the days when all the important information related to computers like files and folders or even important data were stored on hard drives or servers. In the recent years, a completely unique sort of hosting has provided a great solution for all these, and its known as cloud hosting, some even call it cloud computing.


What exactly is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting differs from regular hosting, it uses many servers that store information for a single person, mostly web applications or websites. Cloud gives you a more reliable and stable option than storing all these things on a single server. With more than one server doing hosting, you can access everything possibly everytime, as not all servers can go down in a single shot. So, even if one does, others are there to take the burden.

Need for Cloud hosting

If you’re someone in the big league, you need cloud hosting. Previously, only companies that had a lot of data opted for Cloud hosting as Cloud hosting can prove to be more expensive that any other hosting. However, in the recent past, even smaller companies and businesses have started to opt for Cloud hosting, after all, its about who pleases it visitors the most. Also, Cloud hosting has become more affordable than previously, though, its still not cheap. But with so many advantages attached, it is definitely one option that everyone is craving to have.

Which Cloud hosting to use?

There are a lot of companies including biggies like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace that offer Cloud hosting services. Even smaller companies are also there offering the same cloud-hosting services with different costs and packages that can fit your budget requirements.

Sky is the limit, sky has Cloud!

The best and the most important thing about Cloud-hosting is that it not just works, but works wonders. Cloud is easy to use, safe and reliable and has innumerable advantages over the traditional hosting services. And now, there are also options to choose from when it comes to companies offering cloud-hosting. So, you get different packages and deals that you can chose from and find a package that fits your needs perfectly.

How to Make Money With Hostgator

Making money with Hostgator hosting is simple and people can be benefitted by using it. There are different ways by which you can make money at Hostgator.

There are 2 ways by which money can be earned by hosting on Hostgator, one is the reseller program and other is the affiliate program. Let us first focus on the affiliate program.

What is affiliate program? Under it, the site that you’re running currently can be used to promote Hostgator and market it and make money out of it as hosting commissions can lead you to large profits.

The profits can be as high as $125 per sale, but you need to be very good at it to make a sale and be in this business if you love it to the core. Once you’re good at it and work hard, you can easily manage over 18-20 sales every month.

How to go about it?

First point we can discuss is about coupon codes, as a lot of these are listed. While they might be used a lot, separate coupon codes can be self-generated and shared amongst others for a commission. This is quite a good feature that Hostgator offers, and makes it easy to recommend to others to make good money.

While it might look easy, it is not child’s play. Certain things that can be done are:

Blog Setup

You might have come across “free WordPress blog installs”, and all you need to do there is sign up using someone’s link and enter transaction details. And once WP is installed, you get $100.

Apart from WP, there can be more things for hosting setups.

If the above idea doesn’t find your fancy, here are some more:

  1. Start offering tutorials from a small site.
  2. Promote existing sites and blogs.
  3. Try to promote your hosting setup using things like e-Books.
  4. Make use of paid advertising.

While that was all about the affiliate program, it is now time to go over to the reseller program.

The Reseller Program

Reseller program is a bit more complex than the affiliate program where you just had to take someone through a link. This comes with some hard work as you have to keep on making own sites and reselling plans to clients.

What you have to do in this setup is to deal with people as you’re taking care of their websites and handle customer care for them, so be ready to get some fire-y calls.

How you can play smart is by making small web-development for clients and use reseller account for hosting for them. This way, you get all the control of price and charge more!


While it may seem easy, it’s only tough until you’re right in the middle of it. Once you start making money, everything will fall into place. Both programs are good, it depends on which one suits you more.

Bluehost, HostMonster and HostGator Face Downtime

Three of EIG’s most popular web hosting firms, BlueHost, HostMonster and HostGator had a drastic downtime recently lasting about 8 hours. While BlueHost’s issue was related to a firmware bug in their vendor’s hardware, the bug was cited to be undocumented, and that was why it took a long time to recover. BlueHost also told that they were in the process of finding the actual fault and mend it as soon as they’ll find it.

Undoubtedly, this kind of downtime is unacceptable and frustrating on the part of customers. Possibly, the one’s that were the most affected were those that had VPS and dedicated hosting service providers. The affect was so much, add to it the non-working email services and control panels. While the damage that the customers faced can’t be calculated, it definitely was unbearable.

There are a lot of firms that depend on BlueHost (and other similar web hosting companies), including EIG’s brands like iPage’s, VPS etc were down as they shared BlueHost’s datacenter in Provo.

In order to counter this halt and damage to businesses, BlueHost has already informed its customers that it’ll be offering a month of free hosting. However, a month of free hosting can never repair the damage that has been borne by their clients as there has been a drop in sales. What it has done is that a whole lot of people who were on EIG, have now moved and will possibly never come back. Moving to reliable hosts was their only solution ever since they were ditched by EIG.

In case you were also one of those who faced the cruch in this situation, we can definitely offer you better companies than BlueHost, HostMonster and HostGator. Some of the alternatives that are more reliable can be found here.

How to make new hosting accounts in WHM

While it might be very exciting to get a hosting reseller setup and receive details, it’ll be amusing to get the initial login. But creating a new account can be tough without a professional help.

Let us just be attentive on Account sections and the exercise of making new hosting accounts. If you know how the cPanel works, then you’ll get to know that WHM is a way to create and customize unique accounts, and the rest of the work is easy.


Once you login to your Hostgator reseller account, WHM can be different for separate providers as it might be configured in a different manner with access to some various features.

At the first step, you need to enter all details like user, passwords and mail ids. Ensure that you remember this info that you’ve stored or save them elsewhere.

If you’re further reselling this account, you’ll want to put certain limitations, however, if its for own use, the package can have no limits. Don’t forget to put a limit on storage, add-on domains, bandwidth etc as per your communication with your customers.

Here are some steps on how to get it done:

  1. Begin using default package or make a new one yourself.
  2. Opt for settings for your package, for example putting limits on some variables or making everything unlimited.
  3. Now, you’ll be able to make an account.

After following the three steps above, start the installation process and wait until it gives you a successful result.

Now, you’re almost done to login and start building. You’ll get the IP address kept separately for the site with the cPanel URL, you just need to login and start building. This is how you make standard accounts, the process is fairly simple, so, you’re good to go if its for personal use only.

However, in case you’re making more accounts for business work, things are a little more complicated.

Things to remember

Your exact reseller account has some limitations, so everything is borne by your account. You’ll be held responsible for whatever is used by all accounts. However, WHM makes you keep a check on it. Also, be consistent and sure of all the details that you furnish. You can always delete the account when you deem right.

This is all about the tutorial that enables you to make new accounts in WHM hosting manager.

How to Check the Validity of your Credit Card?

These days I’ve been pretty fascinated with credit cards and the basic idea of how banking works.

In one of the recent articles that read on Credit Card Validation, I came across what is called the Luhn’s Algorithm.This algorithm is used to validate numbers that signify a unique identity like the ones used in Credit Cards. Luhn’s algorithm consists of a term called Luhn’s check or more commonly known as Mod 10 check that is the key method of validating numbers of this nature.

Here is an image depicting how Luhn’s Algorithm works:


Here are 3 Quick Steps on How we can apply Luhn’s check to validate our CC numbers:

1. For cards with even numbers, the double alternating digits start with the first digit in the sequence whereas in the case of cards with odd numbers the double alternating digits start with the second digit. In case the doubling results in two digits, we add them both to get a single digit number.

2. Now replace the numbers your doubled with the new number that you got i.e. either the doubled number or the number you got back after adding the two numbers together. Once that’s done, add all the numbers together.

3. Check to see if the number ends with a zero i.e. if it’s divisible by 10.

If the final number you get isn’t divisible by 10 then it is not a valid number.

This check can be applied to validate a large stream of Unique identification numbers apart from credit card numbers.

Eleven2 Coupon Codes

Eleven2 Coupon 2014

bhn40 – 40% OFF First invoice

bhn99 – 99% OFF for the first two months!

vps40off – 40% OFF on all VPS Options

Eleven2 Coupon

Eleven2 Review

Before I decided to buy hosting for my personal blog from Eleven2, I did my due dilligence and I found pretty much everything I needed to go on with my decision.

If you check via whois.domaintools.com, this very website is hosted on Eleven2 itself and it has been running since a long time without any issues.

While I was doing my research and understanding if Eleven2 was too good to be a reliable hosting considering the price that they offer. I found mixed reviews about them which was kind of a turn OFF.

A lot of people had faced negative experiences with the company but most of these negative reviews were back from the 2012. I think they’ve really developed since then and most of the recent reviews have been rather positive.

This blog is currently hosted on the shared hosting plan offered at $4.95/month, but with the coupon codes it cost me around $35 for the whole year!

But the plan you’ll need really varies with the kind of traffic you’re generating and the amount of resources you require.

If you’re looking to host multiple websites then you can go with a reseller plan or if you have a high traffic website then a VPS is the way to go. You can get a VPS for just $25/month and I think that is the cheapest option you can get for a VPS but you’ll have to shed some extra bucks for a high performing variation.

All VPS plans come with guaranteed resources and how other VPS users are using their resources doesn’t affect how well your VPS functions. Eleven2 Virtual private servers are fully managed and upgrading or downgrading your VPS as per your needs is pretty seamless.

However, if you have a budget to work with then I’d recommend you to choose Hostgator over Eleven2 because you can get a much better experience with just a few more bucks because of these Hostgator coupon codes that will get you 25% discount on your hosting account.