Bluehost, HostMonster and HostGator Face Downtime

Three of EIG’s most popular web hosting firms, BlueHost, HostMonster and HostGator had a drastic downtime recently lasting about 8 hours. While BlueHost’s issue was related to a firmware bug in their vendor’s hardware, the bug was cited to be undocumented, and that was why it took a long time to recover. BlueHost also told that they were in the process of finding the actual fault and mend it as soon as they’ll find it.

Undoubtedly, this kind of downtime is unacceptable and frustrating on the part of customers. Possibly, the one’s that were the most affected were those that had VPS and dedicated hosting service providers. The affect was so much, add to it the non-working email services and control panels. While the damage that the customers faced can’t be calculated, it definitely was unbearable.

There are a lot of firms that depend on BlueHost (and other similar web hosting companies), including EIG’s brands like iPage’s, VPS etc were down as they shared BlueHost’s datacenter in Provo.

In order to counter this halt and damage to businesses, BlueHost has already informed its customers that it’ll be offering a month of free hosting. However, a month of free hosting can never repair the damage that has been borne by their clients as there has been a drop in sales. What it has done is that a whole lot of people who were on EIG, have now moved and will possibly never come back. Moving to reliable hosts was their only solution ever since they were ditched by EIG.

In case you were also one of those who faced the cruch in this situation, we can definitely offer you better companies than BlueHost, HostMonster and HostGator. Some of the alternatives that are more reliable can be found here.

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